One foot in Anoikis

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

15:25 – It has been years now since Anoikis was discovered and New Eden became littered with a sudden proliferation wormholes.  And yet, I have had very little experience of them at all.

So it was with a sense of curiosity as much as a sense of duty that I answered a call for help today.  Several of my comrades are engaged inside an class three Anoikis system and looking to gain numbers to take on some… ‘competitors’ who had begun dismantling their starbase.  With some extra support, they are hoping to take on the opposition and make a play for their control tower.

It didn’t take me long to cross the seventeen jumps into Everyshore where I met Adaahh Gee who provided me with a warp in on wormhole K162.  And there I wait.  Our opposition is stripping the starbase piece by piece, and now its a waiting game.

So here I am, staring into the wormhole as I lie in wait.  Wormholes…bizzare swirling…things.  My most vivid experience of these things was watching Sansha’s Nation warships pouring out of them by the hundred…creepy things.

16:06 – The control tower is un-anchoring.  Seems our targets are relocating into a class four.  We are moving fully into the C3 to block them off from their tower and to engage them as they come back for it.  Waiting games….

This place feels, strange.  Twin suns, they remind me of the EVE Gate.  My ship is not being affected hugely by the environment, but I’m getting weird readings on my instruments.  The power core is giving off some fluctuations, I’m dialling its output down a little to compensate.  If I tried running hot, it would pump out some serious juice, but it would start tearing up my systems at a rapid pace.  Best be careful on the overloads if things do heat up.

[16:06:47] EVE System > Subspace communication beacon unreachable. Channel list unavailable.

There’s no Capsuleer data streams out here.  No networks.  Its liberating and strange, all at once.

16:41 – Sounds like we’ve got a Falcon on D-Scans.  Wonder if he knows what we’re up to, sat there de-cloaked inside another force field.

16:55 – He’s looking for us, now, does he have friends nearby?  He’s going to need a few to counter our dozen.  Small fleets become large threats in places as isolated as this.  Heh. Isolated.  High sec is so close, on the other side of that wormhole that brought me here, yet feels a world away.  Still, we’re just a few minutes away from that control tower completing its un-anchoring cycle.

17:01 – Our hauler made the grab!  A Stealth Bomber tried to blow away our cloaked Viator, but our pilot dropped cloak and acted his Invuln’ fields to ride out the bomb’s blast wave.  That’s the second control tower stolen from the opposition, and their operations curtailed here.

Its a curious place, Anoikis.  Things seem to move slowly here, compared to null sec or empire.  The traffic is light, the routes shift as the wormholes open and close.  A handful of ships can project power in a way that I haven’t seen in some time elsewhere, but it becomes even more of a patience game here when the targets of opportunity are fewer.

Its a world of long silences, but I can feel the promise of sudden violence.  I know that there are enemies nearby, my comrades tell me so, but there are no networks here to reveal them.  Here ships move through the void entirely unannounced, hunting each other looking for that elusive opportunity to pounce.

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