Oh hey, Dust514 speculation!

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective to discuss EVE’s development.  Well, Dust514 actually.

There is an interview up on Dust514base.com with Dust514 exec producer CCP Liang.  This bit grabbed my attention;

Q: Can we get clarification – can we or can we not use keyboard and mouse in matches? Or is it restricted to just the warbarge, or not available at all?

A: Yes, DUST 514 will support keyboard and mouse. But there is more to this than just a regular old keyboard and mouse… keep your eyes on this space!

This was asked in response to this tweet from @CCP_Jian;

@EONmagazine and those asking for an “official statement”: DUST 514 *will* support keyboard and mouse on PS3

Now, I don’t own a Ps3 but as far as I know it isn’t all that common for PS3 owners to use a keyboard and mouse.  So, I give you two theories;

1) We know that Dust514 players will be able to join existing EVE player corps.  It will be important that they can communicate with us so keyboard support simply to type messages in corp/alliance chat would be useful.  I assume that is what is meant by the warbarge comment; is it just going to be used in the Dust game lobby?

2) CCP have planned ahead and have designed Dust to be ready for a later port to PC.  After their exclusivity deal/contracts with Sony expire, player numbers dip or whatever.

Personally, Dust launching as a PS3 exclusive was never going to make me buy a PS3.  Console controllers just don’t work properly in my hands.  But if it was released on PC, I would most definitely be signing up.  Sadly, I don’t think it will for at least 18months, if ever.

I guess I will just have to look forwards to bombarding them from orbit instead.  Considering that its a game I’ll probably never play, I’m oddly looking forwards to it. 😉

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