Raising a glass

This entry has been written from an ‘out of character’ perspective.

The thing that has kept me playing EVE-Online for so long above all other games is in fact not the game itself.  It is the community and the people who I have met over the years.  I have been to four Fanfests and numerous other meets over the years, and met more players than I can count.  It annoys me sometimes that I don’t make it to more EVE meets than I do, because I have enjoyed doing this a lot.

On the note of enjoying EVE meets a lot, thanks to anyone who has helped me out in any way on those occasions where I enjoyed myself extensively.  If you were among those picking me up off the floor at that London Veto meet, umm, cheers. Just a reminder, if I insist on having a Tequila shot, its time to cut me off! 😛

So, community is a big deal in EVE.

Tonight is one of those evenings where I find myself remembering the people who I have met and have grown to know well over the years.  Because tonight I heard that an alliance member has passed away.  His name is hairlessharry.  I did not know him well personally but he was a popular figure in his corp, The Jagged Edge [J-ED].  They are a close knit corp of guys who hang out together regularly at a coffee shop.  He is a friend to them, and I know they will miss him.

So, let us take a moment to raise a glass to ‘hairlessharry’ and to remember all those people out there we spend so much time with yet for most of us so rarely see or even meet.

Here’s to you Harry, long may you be remembered.

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