This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

And here we are again.  A few days ago I jumped my Nidhoggur, the Wanderer’s Sanctuary, out to 77s8-E in Detorid.  I have been a little distracted in recent weeks and tied up on some business back in empire so slow to move out.

Today I’m seeing…well a very mixed situation out here.  The Outpost has been reinforced by Against All Authorities, yet I’m still seeing large numbers of allied pilots active in the area.

As I connected to my neocom I checked for active fleets and found multiple.  Chatting with one of my Caldari brothers in arms, Marcus Vorenius, and scanning the intel channels told me that there were multiple fleets out prowling the surrounding systems for hostiles; and finding them.  -A- and their allies seem to be doing exactly the same thing.  The Detorid/Tenerifis/Omist border zone is a busy place right now…

I joined a small gang of fifteen or so assorted ships led by a Dark Phoenix Rising pilot, whose name I shall omit for his own…discretion.  The situation is fluid and hostiles seem to to be favouring lighter, more agile hulls so from my hangar I selected my Rapier.

It wasn’t long before we had our eyes on an -A- Vagabond and Curse at the 46DP-O gate.   I lay in wait cloaked off the gate as  one our gang warps in his heavily-tanked Typhoon.  Things predictably escalate as our ships warp and a few more -A- frigates jump in to engage the Typhoon.  I warped the few hundred kilometres between me and the ‘Phoon and dropped cloak to put webs on the Vagabond.  The skirmish was swift gracing us with a couple of ship kills and a capsule. There’s something satisfying about cracking an enemies pod that never gets old…

So, the situation out here has changed, and looks to be set to change alot more in the coming weeks and months.  -A- and their coalition seem to have firmly seized the initiative for now and are pushing hard against Red Alliance holdings.  If things will keep going that way for the forseeable future, I’m not sure.  -A- may have further to run but the war might swing back against them after this latest push.

The south remains in a state of flux with territories continuing to switch hands frequently.  It wasn’t ago that I was last in this area, even if I move on yet again soon we might well be back once more.  It has been difficult to predict the tides of war in the south for awhile now, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

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