Little change, interesting response

This entry is written ‘out of character’ to discuss EVE’s development.

I saw this come up on twitter just now;

Mabrick @Mabrick

Mabrick’s Mumblings: I must be blind to have missed this PI change.… Why does CCP do it? #tweetfleet #eveonline

After giving his blog post a read over, I started writing a rebuttal.

Storage silos have always been pointless because spaceports do everything they were meant to do but better.  This change means that a previously useless feature now has its originally intended use.

It may not benefit high sec PI hugely.  But high sec PI is not supposed to be of equal value to low or null sec PI.  If it were equally as efficient then there would be no point in accepting the risks of ever leaving high sec (for PI that is).

High sec dwellers should have access to broadly similar content, I agree.  But it should not be equally lucrative.  In his blog Mabric observes that the bluk of the playerbase lives in high sec, and that this change puts a high sec industrialist at a disadvantage.  While both valid observations, I don’t agree with the reasoning.

But what really has me curious, is why CCP feels it always has to make game play more appealing to those without the hi-sec carebear mindset. They are not the majority of the subscription base? It’s like they’re afraid the game will evaporate without those other types of players. Could it? Without them would EVE become so boring that no one would want to play? Hardly; we’d still have griefers, pirates and ninja salvagers to spice up out day. So why does CCP do it?

It is interesting that the assertion here is that if you do not earn the same, then the activity itself becomes less appealing.  Functionally the game mechanics are no different, and as I’ve done PI in both low sec and in null, I’d say I found it equally ‘fun’ regardless of the actual productivity.

I do not think that any game mechanic should be balanced so that the majority of the player base gets the most ISK.  The opposite should be true, those who take on risks should reap the greater rewards while the more risk-adverse are able to reliably cash in on lesser amounts.

If this view point is an indication of high sec  PI operators, then Dust514 could well be a rude awakening for them.  Conflict has already come in the form of player owned customs offices, it will not be long before it touches the planets themselves.

Personally, I’m looking forwards to it.

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