On Crucible 1.1 & War!

This entry is written ‘out of charater’ to discuss EVE’s development.

The complete feature list for Crucible 1.1 is out.  Good stuff!  So, what’s in it?  Basically, its a collection of nice UI improvements plus a bit more rebalancing stuff.  Which I’m sure everyone is going go “Yay!” over. 😉

So its very much more of Crucible 1.0, delivering on polish and improved usability tweaks while making the obsolete ship classes relevant again.  And, yes, balancing the overpowered stuff (probably what is about to happen to some of the new T2 mods).

And then there is a factional warfare feature on the list.  Srsly.  An actual FW change.  But just the one; alliances in FW (finally).  Personally I think this is four years late.  Had it been done at the launch of FW I would have been happy, I’m much less sure about it now.

FW has an established community now, despite its inadequacies.  That community is very much divided on the matter as alliances could well reduce the influence of individual corps in the balance of power and generally take things away from ‘the little guy’.  On the other hand it could create opportunities for new alliances to grow and develop cohesion before venturing out into null sec, or just shake things up in a good way with more communication and community building.

What I do think is wrong here is the timing.  If FW is going to get some serious attention from CCP in 2012 then I think that they should have delayed doing this until some game mechanics changes were ready to go.  Pushing it out the door now feels a bit rushed.

When Crucible’s feature list was first announced I took one look at and declared it a grab bag of all the hot topics that CCP had never touched over the years but now felt would deliver the maximum amount good will from the player base for the least amount of development time; a feature list of ‘low hanging fruits’.  For the most part I think it was a good list, I was and am quite happy for them to do that.

This one piece of fruit though I think might have been better off not picked until it was a bit more ripe.

It does however tie in with CCP’s stated theme for their next major release point; War.  FW seems like the ideal candidate for a major PVP feature to tackle that isn’t the whole damned sov system.  But I do wonder what they might have in mind to do with null sec in the coming months.

I’m going to go ahead and make a prediction now that after ‘War’ will come ‘Exploration’ with a revisit to Wormhole space, or as a handful of RP nuts like me know it, ‘Anoikis’.  Maybe they’ll even find a way to get more people using its actual name?  Just like how people call POS ‘starbases’.

Oh wait, thats probably just me again isn’t it? 😉

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