A Little Clue

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

Predictably, our little incursion onto DED turf elicited an…energetic response.  Oh how the Amarrians barked at that!  So many rushing so eagerly to denounce us, it felt a little like old times.  Where do those Imperial barking dogs come from?

But my personal amusement aside, the exercise seems productive.  I was after information, and now I’m in possession of a little more.  It slipped under my notice before, but now I’m looking at a partial copy of an ISHAEKA report.

The Summit might be teeming with Kuvakei obsessives, but despite all this manic hysteria over Nation it can be useful to rock the boat and see what the passengers throw back at you.

If you don’t mind being branded a Nation sympathiser for firing on Amarrian warships, of course.  I don’t think I’ll be losing any sleep over that.  Monalaz might have run its course for us now, but perhaps this gives us some leads to pursue further afield….  Hmm.

There’s always another day I suppose.

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