Shedding Light

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

I have collected alot of data this week, after alot of searching.  Moving quietly in the less-travelled backwaters, scanning, watching.  And yet, I haven’t learned all that much.

Just enough to worry me.

I’ve been following up leads together with a couple of others, old comrades StarCasher & Marus Sulla.  And sure enough, we found something.  We just don’t know what it is that we’ve found yet.  We can speculate, but we can’t prove much.  I’ve got a fine selection of dog tags taken from the scene, and a burned out data storage centre they didn’t want us getting our hands on….

We were hoping to come out of there with more than that.  With something….solid.

I know that CONCORD is up to something.  And the Amarrians too.  Tomorrow we’re going before the summit, but tonight I’m still dwelling on the possibilities.

From intercepted Arek’jaalan rumours out to where they say it all started.  And now I’ve seen these ‘Justicars’ for myself.

Just who is it calling the shots in this ‘Operation ISHAEKA’?  And what were they hiding in that hidden archive so important to destroy like that?

Well, maybe tomorrow’s announcement might shed some light on things.  ‘The truth will out’, as they say.  Tomorrow we shed a little light on CONCORD’s shadow.

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One Response to Shedding Light

  1. adam says:

    i have posted all you need to know on your IGS thread.

    Aquila Shadow

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