Parry & Thrust

This entry has been written from an ‘in character’ perspective.

The battle in Catch grinds on.  Thrust, parry, counter-thrust.  We have been in this cycle for weeks now.  Days running into nights into another day of attack, defend, counter.

Against All Authorities have pressed their counter attack in Catch, but gained little.  Red Overlord pushed on Omist but were beaten back.  We have countered -A- in FAT-6P but not yet cracked their defence.  We are fighting in a constant back and forth contest of wills, neither side yet showing the advantage needed to press an end to the battle.

We are not done fighting, if anything we have grown in strength since this began.  The Ushra’Khan’s fleets are larger than they have been in some time, I take that as a sign of strengthening resolve, not diminishing.  I have even seen my corp expanding.  This is good.

It is important that we do not doubt the enemy however, their presence remains strong at times, if not persistent.  And we must be ever vigilant of their continued willingness to hot drop capital assets onto targets of opportunity.  This is very much a war of hit and fade now, of long calms between short storms.

How is it going to end?  When one side lets their guard slip and chooses at last to give ground.  Until then we continue this dance of parry and thrust, testing defences and ever searching for a chink in the foe’s armour.

Today my Scimitar saw service in securing Jagged Alliance’s station, seeing to the defences.  Tomorrow I prepare to go another round.

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